aGe oF iNsaNitY is back! Currently running under a new active admin, aGe oF iNsaNitY is seeing its first growth in years. ROM OLC is live on a test port and new zones are popping up as they are completed. We are currently looking for builders interested in expanding the world. Please see contact page for more info.

Posted by Faeruk

For the first time in close to four years, aGe oF iNsaNitY has new content. Two zones have been added. Ternack Mountains and Seren. Zones are live and fully functional. New gear, new mobs and new strategies needed! Enjoy!

Posted by Lordnix on March 10, 2014

After a long conversion process ROM OLC is live on the builder port. Thanks to the tireless efforts by our coders we have decided to modify the ROM olc to work with the current code base. Builder support is in and helpfiles are being augmented to fit the new version.

Posted by Faeruk on February 14, 2014

Current Version


Age is currently running 2007 worldfiles and player files with the ability to restore 2012 pfiles upon request. If you are in need of a char restore contact Faeruk via in game mail prior to recreating or modifying your characters.

Posted by Faeruk on Sept 5, 2013

After an extended downtime the former admin of AOI has seen fit to pass on the torch to a new Admin. New Imp Stoned has been working to get us back online with a new server, a new webpage and a renewed spirit to keep AOI alive and growing.

Posted by Lordnix on Aug 17, 2013

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